Collection of logotypes

Gimlé Digital has chosen to specialise in a collection of Open Source software that are either closely related or at least have proven to integrate well. The starting point for our selection is Scala, an object oriented language with capacity for functional programming and type inference. Scala is compiled to run in JVM and integrates seamlessly with Java libraries such as JavaFx for graphical interfaces.

Scala is the native language in Apache Spark and Kafka, two powerful tools for Big Data and Machine Learning, as well as in the Play Framework for web development. Spark is also a suitable bridge to both SQL databases and to MongoDB, Neo4j and other NoSQL engines. To round up we have chosen to use OpenCL for GPU programming and Scorex for Blockchain implementations.



Gimlé Digital is currently looking for sponsors, collaborators and partnering companies. If you find our activities appealing and consider getting involved, please let us know via our website’s contact form.